We work on Race cars,Racing engines and Electronics that are used in a closed racing course and sanctioned, We do not work on street vehicles.

Danzio is owned by Josh DANiel and Chris MuZIO both are horsepower maniacs and love to design and build anything, We are not afraid to take the next step in anything, Our products and services are vigorously tested in house using one of our Dynos or our own race cars, This we believe results in the best products and services we can offer to our customers.


Josh DANiel is half owner of Danzio performance, Josh races the #90 Trophy Truck and competes in BITD racing series, Josh is able to give feed back to Danzio on the engine and electronics that are used in a actual racing environment, This allows for constant improvement, Josh also has multiple wins in off-road racing.


Chris MuZIO is half owner and full time manager of Danzio Performance, Chris has over 20 years of racing and engine electronics experience, Chris is always innovating and designing new products for Danzio.


Ryan Carwin

Milspec wiring specalist

Race car wiring design

Mitch Tolano

Engine Calibrator

Dyno technician

Don Peterson

Engine Builder



General Manager

Project Manager

Jason Palomino

Engine Builder

Race Car Mechanic

Anthony Merritt

Milspec Wiring technician

Race Car Mechanic

Grant Tillman

Engine Calibrator

Dyno Technician


Matt Perez

Shop Assistant