Danzio has two state of the art dynos, DTS/Superflow engine dyno and a Mustang MD 250 chassis dyno, Both have been enginerred to offer the best in engine and chassis testing so we can provide the winning combination for your race car or project.



Very Quiet air conditioned control room using x2 1/2 thick laminated glass between cell and control room, x2 data aquasision systems for maximim engine analysis, PDU controlled power distribution and amp logging.


  • x8 Lambda sensors
  • x8 EGT sensors
  • x10 Temp sensors
  • x1 water flow Turbines GPM
  • x2 oil flow Turbines GPM
  • 35000 CFM Room Air Flow
  • Extra Large exhaust system


  • x2 Lambdas
  • x1 EGT
  • x1 Fuel pressure
  • x1 boost or map pressure


  • 30000 CFM Fan system
  • Extra wide rollers
  • Dual RPM pickups
  • Exhaust system